3 Reasons Chicago Farmers Markets Rock!

Farmers market

Chicago Farmers Markets 




If you have never been to a farmers market in Chicago you are really missing out! Much like many things synonymous with summertime in the Chi, farmers markets are a local staple. There is a reason there are OVER 100 farmers markets in Chicago and surrounding areas each summer alone, and many people don’t even know there are a handful every single weekend ALL YEAR ROUND! Yes even when its 20 below and snow on the ground. Chicagoan’s love their food and here is why the markets rock!




  1. GREAT FOOD. Farmers markets in Chicago have SO much more than carrots, cucumbers and spinach (although there is plenty of that to go around too). You may not be a veggie kind of person, which one commonly associates with being found at a farmers market, so you will be in for real treat at all the local food vendors.


Ever try a juicy bison burger, topped with sharp cheddar cheese on a brioche bun? Or a strawberry banana crepe smothered with whipped cream that is so fresh and rich? Or a flaky, delicious homemade cheese Danish topped with cane sugar? Or a super nutritious, healthy smoothie with greens, fruits and veggies from…you guessed it locally sourced vendors! There are SO many food options found at farmers markets in Chicago you owe it to yourself to go!




  1. GIVING BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY. It’s no surprise the majority of the food you find in grocery stores do NOT originate in the US, especially fruit. Many items you buy are from Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica or Peru—which are all fine countries but that requires your food to accrue more frequent flyer miles than you.




It’s also no surprise that by supporting local farms financially you are in turn helping the environment close to home. By buying locally grown and sourced products, you are reducing carbon emissions to send produce across the country, and investing in local infrastructure and job creation. Who knew that carrot could have such a profound socioeconomically impact?





  1. IT SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY! Let’s get real Chicago, we have some of the worst traffic in the entire NATION and our parking situation is not any better. Does anyone really enjoy having to drive (or take the El or a taxi) to the grocery store? Thankfully there are over 100 farmers markets in Chicago and suburbs annually and many just steps away from your home or office. Plus at farmers markets you’re not going to make compulsive buys on things you don’t need or that are bad for you like the entire middle section of grocery stores filled with processed foods! If you splurge at a farmer’s market chances are that it’s healthy and you won’t regret it. By reducing the time spent driving, the money spent on frivolous items and only buying what you need, farmers market are actually very cost effective.
August 5, 2017 8:08 AM

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