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One of the coolest things about a CSA is knowing where your food comes from. When you decide to purchase your meat and poultry directly from a farm, you will know what the living conditions are, have the ability to visit the farm, speak to the farmers themselves directly by phone and in person, plus most times even know what day the eggs were laid on and meat taken to slaughter.  




Can you imagine going to the grocery store and asking the person behind the meat counter, “where’s this ribeye from and how old is this cut?” Or even, “what type of cow is this meat from?” As we all know, meat in the grocery store has a SELL BY date NOT a date that it was processed on. Therefore, nobody (store employees or end consumers) has the fainted clue on how fresh the meat really is. Granted, of course the USDA has regulations and guideline for the safe and proper handling of meat and chicken that eliminates many of the problems, but things always inevitably fall through the cracks. Meat and chicken in the grocery store are just that- meat and chicken-there is no story behind them, just meat and chicken, a commodity of our mass-produced agricultural industry.




However, when you purchase meat or chicken directly from a local livestock or poultry farmer, they are the individuals who personally take the animals to slaughter and raise them. Everything is still regulated by the USDA and meets all of the same guidelines, but because the volumes are not as big as conventional farmers with mass production, there is less margin of error. Small local farmers are able to keep better tabs on inventory, and even offer sales to CSA members on cuts of meat that are nearing expiration or that are just not moving well in inventory. 





Can you imagine a world where you drive to a farm, see cows grazing on the grass, chickens running loose around, eating insects off the ground? Where the animals are free from confinement and have the ability to roam the land the way nature intended them to? Can you imagine talking to a farmer about how they raise their animals, what they eat, how they are treated? And if you have the courage, would you ask a farmer how the animals are slaughtered? Do you want to know? Again, local farmers will tell you everything you want to know about their farm and the industry in general, they are ambassadors leading the local food movement and take their jobs seriously. Isn't it nice to know, you have folks to rely on if you have questions? We all know that's not the case at the grocery store because they are so removed from the source of where the products come from: the farm.





If you do like this utopian world, you can probably imagine the taste is better, more authentic than anything in the grocery store. The color is different. The eggs yolks are orange, not yellow, because of higher beta-carotene of the natural diet. Remember, what goes into the animal’s bodies, will eventually end up in yours, so it does matter how the animals are raised and treated.





If all of this sounds amazing to you, we urge you to look into Eat Wild, as they have a national directory of all things CSA from meat to produce and stay tuned as we are getting closer to launching our very own marketplace, you can purchase CSA’s directly from farmers right here!

July 27, 2017 8:07 AM

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