Unboxing Mitten Crate - October Issue

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Another month has come and gone… maybe for some it flew by, and maybe for others it felt like forever since you received your monthly delivery of Mitten Crate (Hint: ME)!

For those of you that don’t know what Mitten Crate is, let me tell you! Mitten Crate, a partner of Grubbable, offers a monthly subscription to get Local Goods straight to your door! Once you sign up, every month you receive a crate that consists of 6 surprise artisanal snacks made in the Mitten State. Cory Wright and Andrew Chmielewski came up with this brilliant idea to make it easier for people to discover delectable goodness made by local Michigan Artisans! Afternoon snacks just got a lot more interesting. There are so many reasons to love Mitten Crate and this month I found a few more.  


First, all the products are handcrafted locally in Michigan, which benefits our local community and businesses. As an added bonus, you are introduced to a lot of new brand names. That was definitely the case last month. I had not heard of a single product that was in the crate, which is crazy to think about how many more will eventually come to my door. Although I love getting snacks that I have never heard of, sometimes it is nice to recognize what is in the box. It is not everyday you treat yourself… but sometimes it is necessary!


After last month’s crate, I could not wait for this one to arrive! My first thoughts when I picked it up off my front porch: woah this one is heavy! What local snacks could be in it this time? This month’s package had a few familiar treats. It felt like getting a care package from my mom at summer camp. You’re curious and surprised, but never let down when you run to open it and you’re like, yes, :) she knows me so well! They snuck in some of my faves. It’s like Mitten Crate knows me!


This time I shared the package with my family. I can’t keep the box all for myself. It would be unfair. We all enjoyed different parts of it together. Here is what we thought!


1. Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. Sea Salt, Pepper & Onion Potato Chips (Traverse City, MI): These chips are made with Michigan Potatoes! Talk about local. These entrepreneurs are devoted to great quality chips through small batch recipes. We are excited to see where Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. is headed!


What We Loved: The first familiar face! I am a huge fan of kettle cooked potato chips. I think I could survive off of them. So fun trying all the different flavors, and I loved the hint of onion in these. Salt and Pepper with a twist. Their flavors are true to the way they taste. This batch in particular was great for us because my dad isn’t so adventurous with new chip flavors. These weren’t too extreme. Excellent.


Grubb Suggestions: Perhaps combine with with your favorite @Mudgie’s or homemade sandwich.


2. Sanders Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel (Clinton Twp. MI): A brand we all recognize whether you are in Michigan or not. Known for their cream puffs, ice cream, and other chocolates.


What We Loved: My parents both grew up outside of Detroit so they are very familiar with Rock n Rye (spoiler alert) and Sanders. What my dad would give to go back to the 1960s and have a Sander’s Hot Fudge Cream Puff. #Youth. The dark chocolate sea salt caramel combination is killer. Dark chocolate is our weakness.


Grubb Suggestions: Perfect bitesize snack after a meal to cleanse your palette with something sweet.


3. Germack Pistachio Company Zesty Salt & Pepper Blend (Detroit, MI): Three brothers who came from Syria to New York, who introduced people to Mediterranean nuts. They opened a shop in Detroit in 1924 and the roasting company has been growing strong ever since. Source


What We Loved: Germack is a staple in the D and has been around for a long time, but I had not tried these before! Great combination of pistachios and cashews. Both nuts are very soft and the flavor is not overwhelming at all!


Grubb Suggestions: Great snack for a roadtrip! The seasoning will keep you interested. It’s really easy to eat and no mess!


4. Backwoods Mustard Co. Sweet Jalapeno Mustard (Davison, MI): Different mustards inspired by family recipes.


What We Loved: There is a very nice balance going on. The jalapeno isn’t too hot. It provides more a slight distant heat (you’ll know what I mean when you try it), and the sweet factor is just right.


Grubb Suggestions: This would be great on a bratwurst at a cookout. Or sneak it into your next visit to the movie theater and have it with your pretzel. Skip the queso, because you will want this!


5. Faygo Rock N’ Rye (Detroit, MI): Faygo is an essential part of Detroit. It is known as “Michigan Made” soda, but can be found in other states. A classic.


What We Loved: My dad and I were excited to see Rock N’ Rye in the box. We have not tapped into it yet.... Saving it for a rainy day. It is one of his childhood favorites and one that I am just getting to know. The cherry/vanilla/cream soda will make your tastebuds dance.

Grubb Suggestions: Chill in the fridge or pour over ice. Adults out there, it would go

great with rum for a Detroit inspired cocktail.


6. Among Friends Cora’s Hand-Crafted Honey Cornbread Mix (Ann Arbor, MI): Baking mixes have just become a lot easier and healthier. Made with all natural ingredients. Great resource for people with specific health and diet needs.


What We Loved: This is a cornbread mix you can trust. It is gluten free and 100% whole

grain. There are only 3 extra ingredients needed. A quick recipe that will leave you with cornbread muffins for the week!

Grubb Suggestions: On the back there are alternatives to the recipe already listed. Although this is a honey cornbread mix, which sounds very good, the cheddar cheese and jalapenos suggestion enticed us! So much so, we decided to split the mix and make both. We liked the honey cornbread as well. It had a sweet hint to traditional cornbread. The alternative only requires too extra ingredients: jalapenos and cheddar cheese. The jalepenos pack in heat and provide a texture. While the honey may attract those that have a bit of a sweet tooth, I have more of a heat tooth. I would definitely make these again! My mom was a huge fan as well!


I hope this has inspired you to think about what local products you might be missing out on. Still so many to come!


Until next month…



Mary Nehra

Community Manager @eatGrubbable


November 4, 2016 11:11 AM

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