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Grubbable is the only marketing marketplace that connects consumers straight to local farms, artisans, and restaurants that make local & sustainable foods.

We are your one stop shop for all things local & sustainable food!

For Local Food Businesses:

If you are a local & sustainable farmer (plant based or animal), artisanal food maker (ranging from making snacks or jams to fermenting & coffee roasting) or an eatery, there is a shop waiting for you on the Grubbable online marketplace. It’s time to join the community and be on your way to get published, discovered and sell your products straight to local food enthusiasts on the Grubbable marketplace.

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Create your own online shop:

With Grubbable, you get to create your online shop in just a matter of minutes, establishing your story, your practices and listing each one of your products. Most importantly, you have complete control over your shop and your pricing.

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Grow your business:

Grubbable is not just a marketplace. Its an all encompassing suite of solutions that comes equipped with marketing & social media publishing and analytics tools. With built in marketing & content best practices, you can now not only monitor your marketing data but you can publish social media posts, emails, blogs and monitor leads straight out of your Grubbable dashboard. You will no longer need any other marketing assistance to promote and grow your business.

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Sell Seamlessly:

Get discovered and sell your products seamlessly for a low transaction fee of 2.5%, which is the lowest you will find in all food marketplaces. Doesn’t get easier and cheaper than that.

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Celebrate the local food community:

By choosing Grubbable, you are not just joining an online marketplace, but a community that celebrates local & sustainable food, that believes in growing small food businesses and that nurtures the local community & economy. Dollars spent locally get reinvested into the local community and the local economy. Grubbable wants every region and its thriving food businesses to be celebrated for their efforts.

Liking what you see? Want to learn more about this lucrative opportunity to grow your business further? Get in touch with us and a Grubbable representative will connect with you shortly!   Let's Talk

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For Consumers:

Ever wondered what it would be like to find all your local and sustainable food needs in one place, from the comfort of your own home? Ranging from local, farm fresh produce & meat to locally made artisanal jams, bread, kombucha, locally roasted coffee to locally sourcing & sustainable eateries.

Not only can you use Grubbable to discover the finest local & sustainable food businesses but you can buy directly from them, straight out of the marketplace. Gone are the days when you would need to visit 2-3 stores for your organic/sustainable food and local specialty needs.

The Grubbable marketplace is Coming Soon!

Be the first to know how Grubbable can make your life easier! Download the app and continue to use it to help grow the local food movement and the local economy! And Grubbable is FREE FOREVER for consumers!

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