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Grubbable is seeking to grow the local food movement. To do that, we've teamed up with the best restaurants, farms, artisans, and non-profits in our city. Together, we are offering an incentive to eat local for the health of individuals, the local economy, and the environment. Join the Grubbable community as we seek to grow a sustainable community together.


Easily find the best restaurants in
Detroit that serve locally sourced
food and drinks.

eat with purpose

Feel great about supporting
local small businesses and taking
care of the environment.

farms and artisans

Learn about the food producers that supply
your favorite spots.


Get full, unlimited access to
Grubbable’s exclusive rewards at all
of our amazing partner restaurants.

our impact


We work to make our
communities better.

When you spend money with our restaurant partners, you're not only supporting a local restaurant business, you're also directly supporting local farms, artisans, and the workers and families that work for them.

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We work to make the
environment better.

Buying local means not buying from corporations that rely on fossil fuels for synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and cross-country shipments. Instead, it supports local farmlands and green space, which produce better, healthier, and more sustainable products.

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We work to make local
economies better.

Supporting local food means leaving a community better off than when it started. When dollars stay local, they get reinvested into our neighbors through local jobs and our local economy at large.

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